Promotional Item Possibilities

business-792113_960_720People always ask us, what kinds of promotional items can we offer? The list is pretty much endless! Here’s a few examples of some promo items that we love at Gloriam, and some of the ways you can use them.

  • T-shirts (events, branding, club distinction/representation)
  • Car magnets (parking permit, recognition of volunteers, branding)
  • Pens (branding, giveaways)
  • Hats/ear warmers (branding, recognition, event identification)
  • Refrigerator magnets (Mass times or office hours, branding, welcoming)
  • Water bottles (giveaways, branding)
  • Bags (giveaways, branding, event-related)
  • Bookmarks (inspirational, educational, Mass times or office hours)

And so much more! Contact us today for more ideas or to get started on one of these!