Did You Know? – Bulletin Feature

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Increase engagement and knowledge among your parishioners with weekly bulletin inserts highlighting a certain aspect of the faith!

Each week, Gloriam publishes a Did You Know bulletin insert about a particular part of the Mass or the faith as a whole that parishioners may not be aware of. In a light and fun tone, parishioners will learn bits of new information each week as a further catechesis to take home with them.

The initial response to Did You Know? has been amazing. We have heard from parishioners asking specific questions, sharing them in their religious education classes, and forwarding them to relatives. We’ve even had people specifically visit a parish website each week to read their bulletin just for the Did You Know!

Each week or month, your parish contact will receive a Did You Know? bulletin insert for the following week via email. Versions will be available in color and black and white, and with or without pictures, so it is completely customizable for your bulletin needs! We are also able to offer custom Did You Knows specific to your parish for an additional fee; for example, we were once asked to do a series on the stained glass windows in a particular parish and what they represented, and we would be happy to do a feature like this specific to your parish if you request.

Here is an example of a Did You Know that ran in a parish bulletin for Christmas 2017: Did You Know? example


If you have any questions or wish to start your subscription, please email info@gloriammarketing.com.